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Miserocchi Loafers

Giulio Miserocchi invented the driving shoe (a now popular variety of summer moccasin) in 1942. Over the decades since then the shoes became a staple wardrobe item for the European man. The shoe was made most popular by, once again, Mr G. Agnelli, who specifically wore his with a small heel. Giulio handed down his craft to sons Riccardo and Davide before sadly passing away two years ago. In '96 Giulio and his sons founded the company Miserocchi SNC which are now highly esteemed for the beauty and simplicity of their moccasins. 


"100% Handmade in Domodossola"

The moccasins are set apart by their short vamp, narrow last, softness, flexibility and a most importantly a lower and flatter set profile towards the toe. They are 100% handmade in the Miserocchi's small alpine home village of Domodossola, Piedmonte. The true value of the hand-making lies in the fact that the shoemaker can sensitively regulate stitch placement and tensioning around the toe to ensure the shoe sits very flat without frumpily hooking-up towards the toe. This combined with the soft construction means the shoe wears more elegantly on the foot. 


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